Your Trainer: Nicole Woodham


I have been personal training for over 10 years and have experience with many different individuals, groups, in gym environments, outdoors, and studios.


I'm passionate about the outdoors, a challenge, and anything that inspires people to accomplish something important and significant to them. I love this industry because of the growth and change it unleashes in people, and being a part of the amazing afterglow that comes from someone achieving something they couldn't do before, or a goal they set for their life. It could be a single press up, a marathon, Ironman, or reducing your blood pressure to healthy levels.


I really believe just about anything is possible, and dreams can be turned into reality if you want it enough.


I am blessed to have 3 beautiful children - Aria, Henry, and Zavier - who really make every single day fun, inspiring and, yes, sometimes a little challenging!


The qualifications.....


  • Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (Management)
  • Certificate in Personal Training
  • Certificate in Performing Arts (Dance)

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